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“People pay too much for headshots.”

Robert Kim Photography offers competitive and affordable pricing unequaled in the industry.  I have seen normally intelligent people waste upwards of a thousand dollars (or more) for headshots, believing that just by spending their rent on an over-priced photographer that it will somehow be worth it, and all of their dreams will come true.  But is this practice a good idea?  Just ask any of the Hollywood and Broadway celebrities who have trusted their careers to a Robert Kim headshot.  You may recognize a few of them. Simply compare my work, then you be the judge.  “Excellence” doesn’t have to mean “expensive.”  

At Robert Kim Photography, we don’t shoot outdoors, on rooftops under the blazing sun, or on public places where the weather can ruin the perfect shot, or even your entire session.  If you’re looking for that kind of headshot experience, their are many other photographers who shoot exactly this way.  We enjoy shooting your session in the privacy and comfort of our air conditioned studio during the heat of summer, and in warmth and comfort during the chill of winter.  But hoping and praying that the weather will be perfect on the day of your headshot session isn’t our idea of a “productive shoot.”  I’ll get the perfect shot, every time, guaranteed.

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The “Pro” Package                    ATLANTA ONLY—        $299.


Personal Consultation, Photo Session, and Proof Sheets

Two Wardrobe Changes 

Digital 8x10s $25. each, for Professional Retouching by—

Hollywood Custom Retouching  by Tiffany




The “Premier” Package             ATLANTA ONLY        $399.


Personal Consultation, Photo Session, and Proof Sheets

Four Wardrobe Changes

Digital 8x10s $25. each, for Professional Retouching by—

Hollywood Custom Retouching by Tiffany


Hard copy proof sheets of your entire session provided in only minutes for your added convenience







The finest makeup artists in Atlanta can be provided for the ladies, and are highly recommended. 

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To book your appointment, call us today for your free consultation, what to bring, and directions to the studio, at (212) 645-5788.  Then reserve your photo session instantly by making your $100. deposit with a single click:


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