Creative Characters

From Shakespeare to Sondheim, from Moliere to Mamet – a professional actor wears many hats.  That’s why having the proper headshots can be critical to promoting your acting career.  The greater your range, the more you’ll work.  It’s as simple as that.

Here are selections from the recent “Success Images” I designed for Roger Grunwald, a talented New York actor.  Using Roger’s extensive resume of stage roles and characters as a starting point, I created ten distinct looks to highlight the many aspects of his acting range.  Although most actors won’t require this many shots (typically, three or four will suffice), I wanted to demonstrate how a single photo session, producing a variety of looks, can give you the powerful and effective tools necessary to successfully market yourself and achieve all your career goals.  Examine these images carefully.  What specific roles and emotions do they conjure in you?

Remember:   “Casting directors don’t hire actors, they hire characters.”


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