At Robert Kim Photography, we have held that the measure of any photographer's value is reflected in the integrity of those who recommend him.These are some of the comments we've received since our arrival from Los Angeles to New York.

(All punctuations provided by customers!)

Robert Kim is a master of his craft. He has all the answers to the “What’s,” “Why’s” and “How’s” of his trade and knows exactly when to take the precise shot– in fact, I will be featuring his new headshots in all of my new Back Stage editorials!  Thank you Robert for the opportunity of shooting with you.
-Sherry Eaker
Editor-at-Large, Backstage

Sherry Eaker, Backstage

Whenever I’m asked for a photographer recommendation, there is one name that is always the first from my lips.. Robert Kim. He is a truly gifted artist who captures the absolute best of each and every person he photographs, and I am impressed every time I see his work. Getting Robert to take your headshots is the best thing an actor can do for himself.
-Stephen Di Angelis
Casting Director, Gray Worldwide

Stephen Di Angeles, Casting Director

Robert Kim has been featured in our book for a entire decade, and for good reason.  He is a talented, energetic, enthusiastic perfectionist!  We’re so lucky to have him working in New York at last
-Mari Lyn Henry and Lynne Rogers
Authors, “How To Be A Working Actor”

Mari Lyn Henri and Lynne Rogers

Robert, THANK YOU for making me look so smashingly young and beautiful!  If I had known what you could do for me, I would have become an actor INSTEAD of a casting director!!  What a wonderful headshot!!!
-Arnold J. Mungioli
Broadway Casting Director, Mungioli Theatricals

Arnold J. Mugioli, Casting Director

Out of all the photographers work I’ve seen in New York (and i’ve see a lot!), Robert Kim does the most consistent quality work.  Artistically and professionally, actors always walk away with the shots they need.
-Lisa Gold
Director, The Actors Connection

Lisa Gold, Director

Robert has become one of the most popular photographers in New York.  When you view his portfolio, you will understand why.  His style is unique and progressive, his images stand out from the masses.
-Joseph Smith
General Manager, Modernage

Joseph Smith, General Manager

Out of the numerous photographers we researched for our BBC programme, “Loule Theroux’s America,” your name came up consistently. After your segment aired in London and New York, I could see why you were selected from the multitude we considered.  The show was met with rave notices both here and in the U.S. on the Bravo Channel.  Once again, many, many thanks for all your help and generosity during our stay in America.
-Kuldeep Dada
Producer, BBC

Kuldeep Dada, Producer

If you’re a serious actor, you owe it to yourself and to your career to have Robert Kim do your headshots. He knows precisely what actors are looking for and has the creative ability to make their dreams a reality.
-Glenn Alterman
Author, “An Actors Guide: Making It In New York City” (Random House, Spring 2011)

Glenn Alterman, Author

I appreciate so much you getting me in before the trial ended.  I feel more comfortable in a courtroom than in front of a camera, but you made it so easy.  My headshots are brilliant!  Thank you again, Robert.
-Krista Barth, Legal Counsel to Anna Nicole Smith
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Krista Barth, esq

Your quality and standards of excellence are well-known on both coasts, as is your kindness. I will gratefully publish your quotes in both of my publications.
-Larry Parkes, Publisher

Larry Parkes, Publisher

I’m quite comfortable in front of a computer, but not so much in front of a camera. I learned about Robert from a good friend, David Garrisson (“Married With Children,” “Wicked”). He made the entire process so easy, and the end product was spectacular. I am very, very pleased.
-Ida Cole
Vice-President, Microsoft
Director of international Marketing, Apple Computer
Founder, The Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA

Ida Cole

Your lighting is.. lush.
-Ken Taranto
Owner, Taranto Labs

Ken Taranto, Owner

I love Robert Kim! You can spot his work immediately.. I could look at his work all day. It’s fantastic.  Best of all, his headshots actually look like YOU.
-Carlyn Davis, Casting Director
Falls Church, Virginia

Carlyn Davis, Casting Director

Your photograph is your most important tool as an actor.   I strongly suggest you see Robert’s work before you schedule a headshot session with anyone!
-Sue Henderson
Acting Consultant and Publisher

Sue Henderson, Acting Consultant and Publisher

Hollywood has always been the leader in the way film and photos are shot, and will continue to be.  To our knowledge, there is no other single photographer in our industry to have so dramatically and permanently influenced the look of headshots and “raised the bar” in the way in which they are promoted than Robert Kim.
-Drama-Logue (Now Back Stage)


Robert Kim’s laid back, yet totally professional manner made me feel confident and relaxed in our session.  For the first time, I had an angst-free photo shoot– and I’m thrilled with the results!
-Sandra Joseph
‘Christine Daae,’ “Phantom of the Opera”

Sandra Joseph, ”Phantom of the Opera”

Perfection and integrity are hard qualities to find. Robert Kim has both.
-Michael Lemon
Casting Director, Michael Lemon Casting, Philadelphia, PA

Michael Lemon, Casting Director

We found Robert Kim after researching every major headshot photographer in NYC. After cross-referencing nine well-known acting books and directories (on both coasts) along with talking with actors, agents, and visiting over sixty-five websites, we found the vast differences in his work to be the most significant factor in selecting him to photograph our entire client list. But by far the most compelling proof of his ability was demonstrated in his “Before and After” portfolios. After we had viewed the staggering volume of his work and compared it directly with the many others we had interviewed, there was simply no comparison. His headshots stood head and shoulders above the rest.
-John Coogan, CEO & Irma Cannavo, Director, The Anne Russell Agency

The Anne Russell Agency

Thank you, Robert – once again your have captured me so amazingly well (I actually used your first headshots for eight full years!). Your eye is unerringly keen, your energy infectious; let’s shoot again soon.
-Jack Newman
Director, The School For Film & Television

Jack Newman, Director

The difference between a good headshot and great one, is Robert Kim. He’s simply the best.
-Judith Ann Graham
Author, “Taking Your Best Shot”

Judith Ann Graham, Author

I have never, in 28-years of agenting, had a client have so many pictures that were so good that it was impossible to make an informed choice. My client (in New York) was lucky to have found you, I congratulate you and thank you. I just think your photographs are incredible I would be delighted to recommend you.
-J. Michael Bloome, Agent

J. Michael Bloome, Agent

To the black actress who has experienced the agony of getting the right shot- Robert is your man! He knows how to light us, honey! You need to experience his energy and his ability to get the “real you” to emerge. I’ve never been so pleased with my photos in all my career. Once you’ve had him, nothing else will ever do!
-Sharon L. Young
‘Princess Nala,’ “The Lion King”

Sharon L. Young, ‘Princess Nala’

If you’re like me, you try your best in this life to do it once, and do it right. And that’s why, when i needed new headshots, i went to Robert Kim. And the results? When i returned for the finished product, he handed me simply the best headshots i ever had!
-Larry Silverberg
Actor, Author “Act New York”

Larry Silverberg, Actor, Author

Robert Kim is the consummate professional. He creates a relaxed atmosphere for your shoot, and then follows up until you’re completely satisfied and he’s completely satisfied. I hate having my pictures taken. I didn’t with Robert Kim. No wonder he’s so famous.
-Sandy Duncan, Actor, “Peter Pan,” “Chicago”

Sandy Duncan, Actor

I’ve highly recommended Mr. Kim for many years, and for good reason. His honesty and integrity stand alone. He’s a welcome addition to my book, anytime.
-M.K. Lewis
Author, “Your Film Acting Career”

M.K. Lewis, Author

Your work is wonderful, just wonderful! One of our seminar participants just won the “Best Headshot” category of the Male Actor division, out of 1,500 contestants, and guess who the photographer was? Robert Kim.
-Pamela Edwards, Vice-President IMCC

Pamela Edwards, Vice-President

I felt so incredibly comfortable shooting with Robert. When he first did my headshots. I was still working in clubs as a stand-up comedian. The next thing I knew, iI was asking him for his advice: “What network should I go with for a sitcom deal, Fox, ABC, NBC, Disney, HBO or Showtime?”
-George Lopez
Comedian, Actor

George Lopez, Comedian, Actor

I highly recommend Robert Kim. My sitting with him was not only painless and lots of fun, but the results will last me a long, long time.

-Alice Spivak, Acting Coach

Shirley MacLaine / Christopher Walken

Alice Spivak, Acting Coach

I opened my box of new headshots like a kid in a candy store, and the candy was oh, so sweet! Robert, these photos are better than I could have dreamed.  You truly deliver with a professional style that draws no comparison.  Your excitement and style of communication put me at ease during the entire shoot.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
-Ken Ritter, Actor

Ken Ritter, Actor

What excites me about your photography is your ability to capture the essence of each person.  The way you captured my personality has exceeded my highest expectations.  I am referring you to my students and in the next re-print of my book. Thank you for your appearance on my television program and a delightful headshot experience.
-Judy Kerr
Actor, Lecturer, Author, “Acting Is Everything”

Judy Kerr, Author

I’ve been photographed by just about every celebrity photographer in Hollywood from 1947 to the present.  The publicity photo session you did for me on “Dial M, For Murder,” was in a word, memorable.  Thank you for your time and talent.
-Roddy McDowall
Academy Award-Winning Actor, “Planet Of The Apes”

Roddy McDowall, Actor

I’m not a professional performer and i have never been comfortable posing for new photographs.  However, with Robert I felt like a seasoned pro…. confident, relaxed and capable of delivering for the camera.  I just received my photos from Robert Kim, and they are gorgeous!  It was an experience I throughly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone who is need of high-quality headshots.
-Julann Gebbie
Advertising Director, Backstage

Julann Gebbie, Advertising Director, Backstage

It’s obvious that Robert Kim knows photography.  Just look at his book!  However, it is his confidence and easygoing nature which relaxes you and enable him to capture you at your best.
-Brian Evaret Chandler
‘Mufasa,’  “The Lion King”

Brian Evaret Chandler, “The Lion King”

What can I say?  My roommate told me how good you are, but i didn’t realize how good until I saw my new proof sheets.  Your photographs are simply incredible!  And the body shots???  Spectacular.  I recommended you to everyone in the Radio City line-up, all who need your headshots badly.  I can’t tell you how much your artistry has meant to me.
-Erica Reed
Dancer, The Rockettes

Erica Reed, The Rockettes

Robert Kim is my friend, my neighbor, and also one hell of a photographer. Just look at his portfolio!  He took my headshots, and has done the photos of a great many of my students.  Robert’s photos fly off the page.  They are bold, alive, and honest.  He is simply terrific at what he does.  I recommend him enthusiastically.
-Ron Stetson
Acting Coach and Director, The Neighborhood Playhouse

Ron Stetson, Acting Coach & Director

Your impeccable artistry magically brings out the beauty of our higher selves.
-Jaid Barrymore (Drew’s mother)
Actor, Writer, Coach

Jaid Barrymore, Actor

You are the only headshot photographer in New York that I personally recommend.  I keep your brochures in my desk!
-Elliot Jaeger
Retouching Artist, NYC

Elliot Jaeger, Retouching Artist

Thank you Robert for taking the best photographs anyone has ever taken of my mom, Georgia Holt.  I’ll be forever grateful.

I am sending you my sister Georgeanne LaPiere next, as soon as she wraps “General Hospital.”

All my best,


Cher, Academy Award-Winner, Entertainer

Both my Connecticut and New York students always get the same advice:  Robert Kim is the only photographer to use.
-Paul Elkin
Broadway Star, Vocal Coach

Paul Elkin, Broadway Star, Vocal Coach

Robert and his entire staff will make you feel relaxed, pampered, and prepared for a terrific headshot session.  He’s shot my entire staff, including my husband and school manager, Don Juhlin. He knows what he sells, his pictures will definitely opens doors for you.  When you’re ready to have really professional headshots taken – choose Robert Kim.
-Valerie Adami
Director, Weist-Barron

Valerie Adami, Director

Just wanted you to know that i’ve had great responses from our session – in fact, in any given seminar situation, the casting director invariably holds up one of your photos as an example of exactly the kind of shot/presentation they most like to see! Comments like, “Alive,” “Looks exactly like who he is,” and “Made me want to him,” are used most often.  Even got a “This is a great picture!” from two prominent agents and another soap casting director.  Big thanks- I’m gonna be sending everyone your way!
-Barry Phillips, Actor

Barry Phillips

Shortly after the photos were taken – and perhaps because of them – Angelina Jolie scored her first major film role in the science fiction film, Hackers… …Thank you Robert for your featured article of this remarkable actress in our special July 24th edition.
-OK! Magazine

Ok! Magazine

I’ve always counted on your ability to bring out the best in my clients.  Come to think of it, you’ve shot my entire stable (Tim Allen, Janine Garofalo, Drew Carey)!!
-Rick Messina

Producer, “The Drew Carey Show”

Rick Messina, Personal Manager

Since I had my new headshots done by Robert Kim, my work has doubled and my auditions have doubled. I submitted my pictures to both L.A. and New York agencies and have gotten firm offers from on both coasts [two weeks later, Giovanna moved to Los Angeles].  Then a fantasy came true when your photo got me a reading from HBO’s “The Sopranos,” and booked it! My role ironically as “The Dream Girl” was a big hit and I have become something of a cult figure in the months following my appearance.  Thanks for creating the opportunity to audition through your artistry and advice, from makeup to helping me select the final print.  Your help and hard work have helped make ALL my acting dreams come true.
P.S.- Colleen your makeup artist is a miracle worker!  I used her to do something special for me the morning of my “Dune, The Movie” call-back.  Thanks again.
-Glovanna D’Agnello, Actor

Glovanna D’Agnello, Actor

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and getting an opportunity to experience your genius.  You are an extraordinary man, and you are destined to have an extraordinary career.
-Brian Tracy, Author/Lecturer

Brian Tracy, Success Coach

I tell people i have two things that I value the most… buying my condo in New York, and having my headshots done by Robert Kim.  His photographs have transformed my career.
-Debra Walton, Broadway Actor

Debra Walton, Actor

Robert Kim’s guest appearance on this week’s program was a memorable one.  His insights into the show biz luminaries he’s photographed, along with his commentary about Angelina Jolie’s first photo shoot was the high point of the segment.
-King World Productions, “Inside Edition”

King World Productions

Having my new headshots taken by Robert Kim has been the best investment in my career I’ve made yet – what an incredible improvement on my last headshots!  These pictures have gotten me into the offices of some of New York’s top agencies.  Thank you again, Robert.
-Carolina Alvarez, Actor

Carolina Alvarez, Actor

What can I say?  Your shots are fantastic. An amazing six great photographs from a single contact sheet!!!  They’ll make a welcome addition to the new edition.   All I can say is, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
-Ron Rand
Publisher, “The Soul Of  The American Actor”

Ron Rand, Publisher

You are an incredible person and artist!  Thank you for giving my career the boost to the next level.
-Robert Evan
Star of Broadway’s “Jekyll and Hyde” and “Little Shop of Horrors”

Robert Evan, Actor

In New York, the top photographer seems to be Robert Kim…
-Anniina Jokinen
Author, “Acting In Philadelphia”

Anniina Jokinen, Author

Your headshot landed me my first two pilots for NBC and finally, my own series at ABC.   I’ve been shot by ever staff photographer at both studios, but yours is still my favorite.  I still use it!
-Drew Carey
“The Drew Carey Show”

Drew Carey, “The Drew Carey Show”

Acting is about selling the character, headshots are about selling the actor.   Combined with his background as a performer and his understanding of lighting and balance, Robert seems to capture a dramatic uniqueness in each and every individual he photographs.  That uniqueness simulates the casting director to “have another look,” which can quickly translate into more work.   In addition to the agent’s pitch, his headshots are a potent and invaluable resource for every actor, beginner and veteran alike.   When Mr. Kim moved to New York, it was our loss and New York’s gain.
-John Hugh, Agent
The Ann Waugh Agency / Los Angeles

John Hugh, Agent

My last headshots were done by a photographer by the name of D.L., a top agency recommendation and thought to be “the best” by many actors and agents in New York.   I always dreaded photo shoots and never liked my headshots. Unfortunately, she was no different.  Then I met Robert Kim.  He promised that he would “blow away” my old headshots and he kept his word.   Look at me- I’m fabulous!   The response from my manager, casting agents and fellow actors alike has been incredible.   My photos have life and vitality in them and best of all, they reflect who I am today.  I love them!
Thanks loads, Robert.  You ARE the best!
-Donna Del Bueno, Actor

Donna Del Bueno, Actor

I am so happy with the photos that Robert took of me.  Besides being beautiful and powerful images, they have instilled in me a new sense of confidence that I feel is really going to translate into my work as an actor.  I strongly encourage you to allow Robert to guide you through the process.  He has a clarity about what will “sell” that is uncanny and the response I have received in one day has already changed the course of my career.

-Cady McClain

“All My Children, “As The World Turns”

Cady McClain, Two-time Daytime Emmy Award-Winner

He’s the best.  Period.

-Thomas Saint, Agent

Thomas Saint, Agent

Dear Robert,

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed visiting you and having you take my new headshots for the website.  As much as I dislike taking new ones, your ease and understanding of what you do made the entire experience a pleasure.  Better still, the work was spectacular.  As you know, I am a photographer myself, and have shot many Hollywood directors and celebrities.  I know what good lighting means to a good photograph, and that’s why I chose you.

After you helped me to make the best selections this week, it’s clear to me that you are a very gifted artist, and I don’t often use that word.  Please know how much I respect your talent, and how grateful I am for the extraordinary contribution you have made to my work.  I appreciate your support and friendship.

With Warm Appreciation,

Dr. Richard Brown

Film Studies, New York University


Professor Richard Brown, NYU Film Studies
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