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Prior to our acquisition by Backstage, Robert Kim was our most prominent photographer advertiser for over fifteen years.  The advertising concepts and memorable images he created for so many talented actors have not gone unnoticed by everyone who worked at Drama-Logue these many years. (more…)

Dear Robert –

You have been “my man” ever since I was fourteen, two headshots and a lifetime ago.

I’ve stuck with you all this time for good reason. Your headshots really, really WORK (hopefully the many friends I’ve referred to you actually took my advice!). (more…)

I narrowed down my choice of photographers to two people and made an appointment to meet Robert first because I favored his work most from the many websites I’d seen.  I was looking for some chemistry or connection with the photographer and/or a feeling of being comfortable with them before making my final decision. (more…)

Dear Robert:

After noticing your ad in Backstage, I took a look at your website and, I must say, I was quite impressed.  So, I made an appointment to visit you at your studio.  When I arrived you suggested I look  through your collection of headshot books before we spoke.  I was particularly intrigued by the “Before and After” books (showing the headshots of various actors had prior to their session with you, side-by-side with the headshots you created for them). (more…)

Dear Robert-

I wonder if you realize how your are able to change someone’s life with a photograph.

My dear friend MaryAnn Bacallo, went to you for her corporate headshot and came back with a new image of herself and renewed confidence that I’ve never seen before, or since. (more…)

Being a somewhat superstitious person, I’ve hesitated to write you for fear that this recent run of good fortune would be jinxed. Returning to the city last year, after ten years on the road performing in several national stage tours, it was time to update my headshot. I returned to my favourite photographer; someone I had been employing effectively since I came to NY in 1983. (more…)

Anyone in need of good headshots should see you ASAP and not waste time checking out other photographers. I know we’ll be back. Your studio has such a relaxed atmosphere, like hanging out with friends. I’ll never forget – when Stephanie and I arrived about 15 minutes early, while waiting for Colleen, the professional makeup artist, you gave us your spot-on Elvis Presley impression by singing “Don’t Be Cruel” complete with music. (more…)

Dear Robert:

As you know, I went to take headshots for my live interviews on FOX, CNN, and several other syndicated television financial programs. The pictures taken by this photographer were awful. They resembled a mug shot. (more…)

I knew Robert Kim was the one to take my new headshots during the initial consultation. We spoke about my own career aspirations, and as I am a clasically trained singer crossing over to musical theater, he told me how he had taken headshots of several women who went on to play ‘Christine Daae’, the female lead in “Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway including Sandra Joseph, (more…)

Dear Robert,

I just finished my photo session with you and I needed to tell you what a great experience it was for me. I was overwhelmed by how different you were than I had imagined. I was so sure that someone who came so highly recommended would be very unapproachable and to be honest, I had already decided that I was not going to use you before we even met! (more…)

Dear Robert,

We would all like to thank you for the great headshot you have done for us. It has made a tremendous difference in the number of auditions we have gone on and walk we have received. Our nine-year-old daughter Christiane has been chosen from her headshot alone on several jobs. (more…)

I saw a headshot of a student of mine recently at my workshop at  The  Actors Connection. I immediately asked, “WHO DID YOUR HEADSHOT??” (more…)

Robert is the consummate professional from start to finish. I am a career and image coach, with my new book, “The image of Success: Make a Great Impression and Land The Job You Want,” launching in May 2010. (more…)

Dear Robert,

When I won the complimentary photo shoot with you at this year’s Actorfest drawing, I thought: Why should I get new headshots when the ones I have already work for me?” Boy, was I wrong! (more…)

Hi Robert 🙂
It was such an amazing pleasure to meet you this week. I am so excited for my appointment with you next Friday. I’ve been going through Backstage Online and reviewing the posted headshots as well as resumes and (more…)

Hi Robert 🙂

It was such a treat to reconnect with you the other nite. It is amazing what has happened for me ever since I’ve sent out the headshots you created. It has been almost exactly as you have said. (more…)

Hi Robert,

I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful photos. I will get a copy of my prints out to you. SinceI don’t have many credits to my name yet and haven’t been in the business for so many years I wasn’t expecting a lot of response. (more…)

How can I begin to thank you, not only for the outstanding work you did on my new headshots, but for your sincere support and guidance! As you know, it’s been years since I’ve had new shots taken. (more…)

Robert, we are absolutely thrilled with these photos – so much in fact that we can’t begin to choose and need your advice! Colleen is an incredible makeup artist and your work clearly speaks for itsef. (more…)

I am so glad I chose you to do my new headshots.

If you recall, it was only about a year ago when I was first in your studio having you take my pictures so that  I could start a new acting career. (more…)

This was my second headshot session with you, Robert.

You already know all of the  great things that happened to my career after your first ones.  But this time, something far more important happened…I met my future husband!

I was walking down 10th avenue two years ago and saw this incredible looking guy taking some hockey equipment out of he trunk of his car. (more…)


Let me start this letter by saying that you have no idea how happy I am about the way my headshots came out, the feeling really can’t be put down on paper. (more…)

Dear Robert,

I just had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed  my “Robert Kim Experience!” I can’t believe how hands-on you are. I have had headhshots done by two other photographers and neither one of them spent as much time with me as you did. (more…)

Dear Fellow Actors,

Your headshot is probably one of the MOST important decisions an actor has to make. While my first headshot was a promising  “headstart” and brought me a relatively consistent response, (more…)

Hi good-lookin,

Here’s what I have to say about you!

When I decided to become serious about my acting career I knew that every investment I made had to count. (more…)


I am writing this letter to share my story with your and your clients. As a SAG actor from Philadelphia, I found breaking into the New York market to be extremely difficult. I had no representation, and the responses to my mailings were tepid, at best. (more…)

Dear Robert,

..I am speechless, literally speechless..but even so this is a very easy and much needed letter to write- nice with that haircut, it was transforming. After meeting with you and her I truly felt like a mark was being made in my life, like rom here out only great things will be happening. (more…)

I just wanted to let you know of the spectacular – almost magical – responses I’ve been having from the headshots you took.
As you know, I’m really just starting out on my acting career. Nevertheless, In the past two weeks, I’ve taken eight auditions, all based on responses from mailing your headshots! (more…)

Hi Robert,

I joined Actor’s Connection this evening and came across a photo which pointed me to your website. I have been researching many photographers in NYC, but I was “blown away” by your OUTSTANDING work, (more…)

Hey Rob,

It’s David Rivera I wanted to say Thanks for giving me the look I wanted in my headshots and let you  know I made it safely out to L.A. I’ve been here for a month and have started taking some classes and already doing extra work. (more…)


What can I say!! You are an absolutely wonderful photographer, and my pictures… God they are beautiful!!!
People can’t stop talking about how great  they are and I have been working and working and working… (more…)

Dear Robert:

My letter may be a bit lengthy, but I wanted to share my story with you and I truly believe that “everything happens for a reasn.”
Meeting you has been both a pleasure and an honor. (more…)

As a busy actor, I wanted the best tools at my disposal. So when it came time for new headshots, I knew exactly what I wanted– color, digital, and the best photographer available. Someone who could capture me, who and what I am, without pretense or barriers. (more…)

Dear Robert,

I flew all the way out from Washington D.C. to shoot with you and after the flight I admit I was a little stressed. By the time I left, I felt exhilerated and happy knowing that I’d made the right decision by coming out to see you. (more…)

Dear Robert,
Back in early fall, I had been a little bummed because I was not getting many film auditions, even though there was plenty of work available and many of my colleagues were booking daily. (more…)

Dear Robert,

This is a little letter to express my appreciation, admiration and thanks.
I came to you in June with perhaps the most ghastly portfolio pictures of our time. When I sat down to review your Before-and-After albums, I was even more impressed with your photography, (more…)

Dear Robert,

When you say. ” I deliver results, not promises,” I can personally attest to the truthfulness of your advertising.
After meeting you on the set of Mel Gibson’s film, “Payback,” I was so impressed with your work and your overall understanding of the business, (more…)

Dear Robert,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful work you do and your ability to go above and beyond what any regular headshot photographer would do. (more…)

Dear Robert:

After getting my start as a professional entertainer in December 1995, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s most talented photographers. (more…)

I must say that this was the first time in my life that I actually had an absolute blast with any photographer. You knew even during the actual shoot your pictures were going to be phenomenal. (more…)

I have been having my headshots taken by Robert Kim over 20 years!
When I first met him in Los Angeles, Iwas brand new to the business. I was “ still wet behind the ears.” Shooting with Robert was the best thing I have ever done for my acting career. (more…)

Dear Robert,

I have been back in New York  just over a month since you shot my new resume pictures while I was in Chicago on the National Tour of SUNSET BOULEVARD. (more…)

Hey Robert,

Sorry it took me so long to get this out to you but I’ve been terribly busy, due in no small part to the photos you took for me(smile).  I really value the attention and focus that you gave to our shoot, and all of the followup info you shared afterward was unexpected but greatly appreciated. (more…)

My fellow Actors,

New York City has plenty of choices, from restaurants to Broadway shows. However, there is only one photographer that can capture your total essence. That photographer is Robert Kim. (more…)

Dear Robert,

I am writing this letter to thank you again for the amazing job you did with my headshots. As I shared with you, I got some work in Florida with the pictures I had done there, but when I moved to New York, I got no response whatsoever from sending my headshots out in this market. (more…)

This letter is for everyone who is sitting on Robert’s bench, like I was four weeks ago, considering whether to work with Rob for headshots. Rob was the first, and ended up being the only, headshot photographer that I met with to do my very first headshots. (more…)

Dear Robert,
Just wanted to send you a letter to say thank you for the great pictures you did for me. After the session you told me to “GET READY TO WORK” and of corse, I’ve heard that all before so being the skeptic that I am I thought, sure. (more…)

Dear Robert:

Thank you so much for your wonderful headshots. I know this letter is almost two years late, but you kept your guarantee and I have been privileged to work consistently! (more…)

Dear Robert,

I just wanted to keep you apprised as to my progress after having my new headshots taken by you.
After arriving back in Miami form New York, my very first casting with your photos was for the leading role for a film produced by Golden Age Entertainment called, “G2”, starring, Steven Bauer. (more…)

Dear Robert,

I want to thank you for the awesome headshots. When my old pictures were certainly professional, I never really understood how important a GREAT one is in this business until I started sending out your new headshots last month. (more…)

Dear Robert,

I am thoroughly impressed and otherwise completely satisfied with the headshots that you have produced for me. However, to say that you “produce” them is to greatly understate the length at which you go to bring about the perfect headshot. (more…)

Dear Robert,

In the Virginia.D.C. area we had always heard that you were “the best” for headshots. We really looked forward to having you photograph my son, Greg. We never had any idea HOW pleased we would be. (more…)

I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for taking my new headshots last week, the twenty-fifth of September. I feel that the first moment meeting a new photographer is the one of the most important steps in choosing a photographer, and that this connection with your photographer is key. (more…)

Dear Robert,

It’s amazing what GREAT HEADSHOTS can do for an actor’s career. In a matter of a few short months, your pictures of me have had astonishing results! I’ve sent out only two small mailings and have already done a PILOT for T.V. Land – and I got it without an audition. (more…)

Dear Robert,

Please accept my deepest thanks for taking the absolute best headshots of me — ever!
From my extensive research for: The right photographer, to our meeting at your studio, to our detailed discussion of style, outfits, and personal characteristics, (more…)

Dear Robert,

I cannot begin to thank you for transforming my headshots. The difference between my old headshot (or what I now refer to as my “mug shot”) and your masterpiece is nothing less than astounding. (more…)

Robert…….It’s Monday…..!! And I’m all smiles today…..What can I say…?
Thank you!!!
Not only was the photo session a success…. But I truly enjoyed getting to know YOU a little more…And I most enjoyed just talking….I think (more…)

Dear Robert,
I have not enjoyed making a difficult decision this much in years; maybe ever! Thank you for making my headshot experience so wonderful and thank you for the most  incredible photographs anyone has ever taken of me. (more…)

Hey Robert,

It’s been almost a year (hard to believe) since you took my best headshots ever.
Just to update you..I snagged a big trailer my first week out with him. A couple of months later I booked with producers of Nick Cannon’s improv comedy show, “Wild ‘n’ Out” on MTV. (more…)

I can’t say enough about shooting with Robert Kim.  Robert successfully captured all of my qualities through observation, inquiring about my goals and skill sets, mutual collaboration, then letting his creative eye and vision take over. I had a concept for one special shot that I needed specifically for a feature film that I desperately needed to get out.He not only created an amazing photograph just for the interview, but when my agent saw his work she said, “These will take your career to the next level.”She’s never said anything like that to me since she’s been representing me, and I couldn’t help but agree. (more…)

Hello old friend, I hope all is well and you and your family are well
and flourishing.  Well, it’s been a hell of a year, which incidentally
did not start acting-wise until July the 17th.  Now it’s been about a year
since we shot together but hardly anybody saw your shots due to me
not applying myself.  Well… (more…)

Dear Robert,

OMG!!!I LOVE ALL OF THESE!!!!!!!What an improvement over my old headshots.

All my agents over at I. wrote this morning saying, “gorgeous.”I just posted them on my website and Facebook page and people are flipping out!!My publicist is going bonkers over them, and Soap Opera Digest will be contacting you shortly for your permission to use my new headshot in their next issue. (more…)

I have had many headshots in my career, however, I have NEVER had one I absolutely loved until now.  Robert totally captured “me” in these pictures,  something no other photographer has even come close to doing.  Robert Kim has a gift… you can’t buy it or learn it, you must be born with it.  He is simply the best.

P.S. (more…)

When I first came to New York, I had my headshots taken by other photographers who were well known for taking kid’s headshots.  Then, I found the REAL photographer… Robert Kim.  Robert made me laugh and brought out the best of my personality, which is what makes my photos look so great.  He made me feel WAY more comfortable than any of the other supposedly “expert” child headshot photographers. (more…)

After years of getting headshots from various other photographers, I found that looking for deals in Backstage was no “deal” at all.  I went to a guy named James Kreigsmann because he was so cheap, and that’s exactly how my headshots looked.  Like so many other actors, I didn’t have the money to spend on pictures, I just needed a functional headshot– something I could get quick that looked like me, and for years I never loved my headshots.  (more…)

May 3, 2011

Dear Robert,

I must let you know how pleased we are with our photos. Not only are we pleased with the photos but we were delighted with the photographic experience. Let me explain. (more…)

In December of 2011 I returned to acting after taking three years off to continue my education. I needed a new headshot and called Robert Kim after researching no less than twenty photographers over the internet. I’ve had crappy headshots before, but this time I needed to get it right. Mr. Kim made my wife and I feel remarkably at home during my photo session. He kept me relaxed and laughing the entire time with his humor and stories of living and working in Los Angeles. (more…)

Looking for a photographer to capture your spirit on film has always been a challenge for me.  I have spent many hours and dollars researching and getting head shots unworthy of my look, marketing strategy, and branding my image.  To make matters even worse, there are so many photographers on the market now that it is nearly impossible to choose just one. (more…)

I have been teaching acting at the SAG Conservatory for many years, after having studied with Lee Strasberg at the original Actors Studio in New York.  I specialize in cold reading technique.

Suffice it to say I hate getting my headshots done, I never like the way I look.  But after seeing one of my student’s new headshots recently, I FLIPPED.  It was the best headshot I’d ever seen. (more…)

Dear Robert:

While I rarely write reviews, as a female professional in the New York financial services industry, I was finding it extremely difficult to find a New York photographer that could provide me with a professional headshot that I was personally happy with and that was also appropriate for professional use within my industry. (more…)

Photographer’s reviews can offer a vivid insight into how a photographer works. These comments may offer a more detailed look into how a photographer “gets the shot,” and about their customer’s personal experiences. The “down side” to online reviews, however, are the phony ones. It’s sad, but so often true. Many photographers will often use friends and family to post glowing, “Five Star” reviews for them online, even writing positive reviews for their own businesses. That’s why I always make sure to include the customer’s full name and retain hundreds of my actual “Happy Client” letters at the studio, available for viewing at any time.

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