Before & After

A great career can begin with a great headshot.

But with the hundreds of photographers available today, finding the best one can be a confusing and often frustrating experience.  How can an informed person make the right decision?

At Robert Kim Photography we offer a simple solution.  I believe that you can’t make a decision if you don’t have a choice.   Simply compare my work with the 1,000 top photographers in the industry, all featured in my “Before and After” portfolio.  Only in this exclusive, side-by-side comparison can you truly know what’s available in headshot photography today, before you buy.  No longer do you have to be an expert to know the difference between a bad photograph and a good photograph.  You’ll discover that getting a great headshot can be just as easy as, “Before and After.”

I have limited space for photos on my webpages, so please go to my Facebook page to view more of my current work, where I feature a new Atlanta client every week:

Call us today for your free personal consultation and headshot evaluation:  212/645-5788


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