Marianne Kanter, Acting Coach

I have been teaching acting at the SAG Conservatory for many years, after having studied with Lee Strasberg at the original Actors Studio in New York.  I specialize in cold reading technique.

Suffice it to say I hate getting my headshots done, I never like the way I look.  But after seeing one of my student’s new headshots recently, I FLIPPED.  It was the best headshot I’d ever seen.

The day I shot with Mr. Kim, it was 89-degrees outside and terribly humid, which was one of the reasons I selected him— I’m strictly an indoor girl.  But I digress… it’s only the work I’m interested in.  I’m older now and I hate to see myself in pictures anymore.  But when I showed my new headshots to my casting director friends, their comments were as fantastic as the experience of shooting with him.  For once, I could actually agree with them!

After our shoot, I didn’t have time to get them reproduced, so Robert handled the entire headache for me, helping me pick the best shots, emailing them to the best photo lab in town, then had them sent directly to my home.  This is what I consider service ‘above and beyond the call of duty.’  Robert Kim epitomizes what is known in our industry as, “a real pro.”

Marianne Kanter

New York City

Acting coach, producer, actor


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