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How To Pick A Good Photographer

Published: October 25, 2012, on Blog

There are as many ways to select a competent photographer as there are people on earth.

But have you ever noticed nowadays how nearly every photographer out there is boldly stating, “I AM THE BEST!”  The ‘best’ at what?  Wedding photos?  Live events?  Fashion models?  I specialize in headshots, and headshots only.  I don’t do weddings, I don’t take photos at Bar Mitzvahs, and fashion models get their photos done for free— in fact, they get PAID to pose for top professional photographers.   But fashion models are all perfect, fantastically beautiful people.  So, how does the average person, like you and I, make the best choice from all of the photographers out there all claiming to be “the best”?  Many years ago, I found a simple solution.  I call them my “Before and After” photos.  The first headshots were done by another photographer, the second, mine.  You may detect a difference.

Many people ask just why I put so many photographs on my website. Simple.  To show consistency—the ability to photograph all kinds of people (not just the perfect models we’d all like to be) and make them all look great as who they are, not some fashion magazine’s fantasy editorial selling the latest cosmetic.   Are all photographers created equal?   You be the judge.

Yes, many photographers claim to be “The Best.”  But after all the hype and  sales pitches have died down, only these three factors remain: Experience, quality, and service.  Let these three words be your guide.

Robert Kim, Photographer


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