Lawrence Cameron Steele

In December of 2011 I returned to acting after taking three years off to continue my education. I needed a new headshot and called Robert Kim after researching no less than twenty photographers over the internet. I’ve had crappy headshots before, but this time I needed to get it right. Mr. Kim made my wife and I feel remarkably at home during my photo session. He kept me relaxed and laughing the entire time with his humor and stories of living and working in Los Angeles.
Most people think that actors are as comfortable in front of the still camera as they are in front of a movie camera, but that isn’t true. I’m as nervous at a photo session as anyone else. But any of the reservations I had the night before our session evaporated the second Robert got me in front of his camera, his years of directing you through every wardrobe change made everything go so smoothly and easily that I was actually shocked when he said: “We got it.” But did he? I’ve heard that so many times over my professional career that it’s become a cliché, but I waited to see the contact sheets first before making up my mind. It didn’t take long — in fifteen minutes I was looking at everything he shot. It seems that Robert underestimated his abilities – there were too many great shots to choose from.
So far, so good. I asked Mr. Kim to advise me as to which headshots he felt were the best from our session, then went with all his recommendations 100%. I’m very glad I did. After getting the headshots back from the duplication company, I did a “test run” by emailing the photos to three top talent agencies. Within hours of sending these emails I received telephone calls from each of the agencies informing me that they wanted to send me out on auditions. All three agencies; one from New York and two from Los Angeles, RAVED about how great my headshots were, each one asking, “Who took these photographs?” Then as I was actually writing this testimonial, I received another telephone call from a Los Angeles agent who expressed his desire to work with me, too! “I want to submit you to both LA and NY casting directors, across the board,” he said. Had I not experienced these events personally, I would have never believed it possible that a single photo session could so dramatically change my life. If someone would’ve told me that such a thing was even possible I’d have called him either a bullshitter or a liar. Superlatives just aren’t enough to describe the unbelievably positive response to these pictures.
I owe it all to Robert Kim’s years of experience, both as a headshot photographer and a working actor. From his approach to his craft to his ability to create memorable images that I know will change my life, he is a true professional in every definition of that word. If you are really serious about your acting career, use Robert Kim Photography.
Thank you for everything Robert,
Lawrence Cameron Steele
Credits: The West Wing, Criminal Intent, The Wire, Veep, The Departed, Freedomland

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