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Thank you, New York!!!

Published: November 8, 2011, on Blog

This year, my headshot chapter in Glenn Alterman’s new book, “An Actors Guide: Making It In New York,” helped it to become the #1. best-seller in NYC. If you haven’t picked up your copy, it’s available worldwide, and you can find your copy either at Barnes & Noble or at The Drama Book Shop in NYC, located conveniently at 250 W. 40th Street, between 7-8th Avenues, or online at Amazon.com.
Everyone seems to like looking at the work on my Before & After page, always asking me to add still more photos to see. How could I refuse? This week I have decided to publish forty new photographs for you to view, online now. Many thanks for asking.

What can I do to take YOUR career to the next level?

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