Mother and Son

May 3, 2011

Dear Robert,

I must let you know how pleased we are with our photos. Not only are we pleased with the photos but we were delighted with the photographic experience. Let me explain.

We first heard about you in our acting class with Susan Batson (Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman’s personal coach).  So many fellow students had gone to you and absolutely raved about your work, we just had to see what all the hubbub was all about. When my son and I came by, it was my intention to just have my headshots done. But after listening to you during my consultation, my son who was eavesdropping was so impressed with the questions you asked, the advice you gave, and your concepts for my headshots that he joined us. His interest was further peaked when we looked through your Before and After books. We have had our pictures taken before and both dreaded it. But based on what we saw and heard in your studio, “I” turned into “us” and we scheduled both of our headshot sessions immediately.

The photo shoots were absolutely a blast. We were happy and pleased with the process but even more impressed with the pictures! Honestly, we normally go home and decide we really don’t like the pictures but pick the best ones of the lot and deal with it. I must say that we are truly happy and most importantly we finally have pictures that look like us (the pictures look like they are coming off the page with life). So if there are any potential clients who are on the fence, my advice is DON”T LET ANYTHING stop you from getting headshots you can truly be happy with, and you will be truly happy with Robert. You may find cheaper photographers elsewhere, but having to get your headshots replaced later will cost you so much more.

On a personal note, thank you Robert for making my son and I SO VERY HAPPY.

Best Wishes,

Rotunda Underwood & Allen Wilson-Myers

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