River Aguirre

When I first came to New York, I had my headshots taken by other photographers who were well known for taking kid’s headshots.  Then, I found the REAL photographer… Robert Kim.  Robert made me laugh and brought out the best of my personality, which is what makes my photos look so great.  He made me feel WAY more comfortable than any of the other supposedly “expert” child headshot photographers.  In between outfit changes, we talked about everything from aliens to our favorite Broadway shows.  He knows just what to do to put you in the mood that he is trying to capture on his camera.  If I had to list one problem that I have with Robert, I guess I would have to say that he wants his pictures absolutely perfect!  When we went over all the photos, he spent so much time with my mother and I looking at them from all angles… this way and that way, adjusting the colors and saturation, things I hadn’t even heard of.  Being a kid, I was getting exhausted watching him!  I didn’t realize that there was so much to get the right shot.  He even helped us pick the best shots, even designing the exact right ones for my new website.  But in the end, my photos looked AMAZING.  Me and my mom are so happy.  He even put us on HIS website, my headshot along with me and my mom together.  So, before you go through rounds and rounds of other photographers, my advice is don’t waste your time… because it doesn’t get any better than Robert Kim.

River Aguirre, age 10
“Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”- on Broadway
“A Christmas Story, The Musical”- at the 5th Avenue Theatre

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