Shiloh Ann..

I must say that this was the first time in my life that I actually had an absolute blast with any photographer. You knew even during the actual shoot your pictures were going to be phenomenal. You could feel the anticipatio growing inside you while you awaited your works of art. And when you finally view them, WOW! I know it sounds corny, but that’s the first word that pops into your head. I was so ecstatic! They looked like ads straight out of a magazie, such an improvement on my first photo shoot. And the best part is that Robert really catches the “real” you. And after all his years of shooting, Robert still manages to get excited about what he’s doing, and his enthusiasm spills over into your session.¬† I think that may be the most important¬†ingredient of a really great shoot. Usually, Robert Kim shoots head shots for actors. I thought he knew that i needed photographs specfically for my modeling comp card, not just a couple of standard black & white headshots which he thought I wanted. But without a second thought, Robert said “No problema,”and then proceeded to do a entire model shoot for me, and he only charged for the price of a normal headshot session! Both Robert and his make-up artist “A.J.”, were immediately “on¬† the same page” when it came to exactly what I needed, and put together an entire card’s worth of productive ideas for me in a flash, from wardrobe choices, to specific make-up and hairstyling. The whole process only took a matter of seconds. Then to work they went, jumping from a typical actor’s headshot sitting, to a complete modeling shoot, “No problema”. I couldn’t believe how smooth it went. Like I said before, I had a blast. You guys are a great team Robert! A natural born photographer and a fantastic stylist, avery good combination. They both without a doubt, have that “touch”. After I reviewed my new contact sheets, all in color (total wait time for the four proof sheets, thirty-minutes), Robert even took complete care of all my retouching needs with his touch-up artist Tiffany, all in-house, and all arranged by Robert, personally. Tiffany is so gifted that she can do anything , from removing things as large and detracting as that giant logo on your designer tee-shirt, to your favorite tatoo (like mine), or that big zit you got on your nose the exact morning of your headshot (my photos look awesome, Tiff. Thanks for the great work). I guess what I liked most about working with Robert was that instead of being a stressful event, it was actually fun, like Robert said. “a no-brainer”. I just told him what I wanted, and he did the rest, sending the beautiful finished product, ready for e-mailing or mass reproductions, right to my door (I live in Philly).
My photo CD arrived by Priority Mail in a couple of days, and I even used it to make my new website with (this new digital stuff is very cool).
And yes, my dear Robert, I must tell about the incredible performance that went on while at your studio. Yes, it’s true, Robert Kim actually won the Gong Show as an Elvis impersonator! Being a photographer isn’t his only talent. In fact, I think Elvis must have had an illegitimate son (kidding aside, maybe if you’d ask him, he’d even give you a little demonstration)!
Robert’s an exceptional photographer, with an exceptional way of getting the “best” out of you. But as carefree as the session was, I never would I have imagined the results would come out this well. Again, thank you so much, Robert!


Shiloh Ann

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