Segun Akande

I can’t say enough about shooting with Robert Kim.  Robert successfully captured all of my qualities through observation, inquiring about my goals and skill sets, mutual collaboration, then letting his creative eye and vision take over. I had a concept for one special shot that I needed specifically for a feature film that I desperately needed to get out.He not only created an amazing photograph just for the interview, but when my agent saw his work she said, “These will take your career to the next level.”She’s never said anything like that to me since she’s been representing me, and I couldn’t help but agree.

Working with Robert, you will discover that taking great headshots isn’t about snapping a lot of random photographs and hoping that something will work – he has his process down to a science, a fine art.  Every one of his clients gets the same amount of personal care and attention to detail that Angelina Jolie did, he treats everyone like a celebrity.  Knowing that I am a serious actor in need of great headshots, it didn’t take long to see that Robert is the epitome of a professional photographer.  The amount of time and  he gave me at our first consultation was the first indicator.  NO ONE had ever given me so much quality time even before I booked.

As the client, all I had to do was simply show up, follow his instructions, and trust. Because I was able to let go, my session with Robert was fun and pressure-free, the easiest photo shoot I’ve ever had.Again I attribute this to his ability to clearly see my objectives and take charge.  Everything that I felt before the shoot and during it was confirmed after I saw my photos for the first time.  The reactions I get from people in the industry (or even outside of it) prove one thing: Robert Kim brings out qualities in you that you didn’t know you had. He is simply “the best.”

Segun Akande


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