Scott Griffin

Hi Robert 🙂
It was such an amazing pleasure to meet you this week. I am so excited for my appointment with you next Friday. I’ve been going through Backstage Online and reviewing the posted headshots as well as resumes and it is becoming even clearer how important this step is in obtaining the audition or role. There are an oversupply of poorly done pics online for actors, the very selected great ones have an amazing opportunity to really stand out.
After about 45 minutes online looking at other pics online I went back to your website and enjoyed so much with a better appreciation your before and after pics. I also enjoyed reading through some of the online blogs which I saw you offering great advice to people. You really have a great passion for what you do and it shows in more than just your work, the words of advice you offered for others through the online blogs is empowering. You have a wealth of knowlegde and experience and your willingness to share it with others is truly beautiful. I’m grateful that life has connected and introduced us.
I spoke with Robert Charles about my hair, and he’s as nice as you said. So far I’ve only have had the pleasure of the phone, he called me from out of the country and we scheduled a meeting for next Thursday. I’m hoping this is enough time before our shoot the following day. I shared with him that is when I’m scheduled with you and it didn’t seem like we would have any delays to work through. I will be with him next week at 1:00 🙂

Thank you Robert, I can’t wait for next Friday

Scott Griffin 🙂

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