Robyn Daniels

Dear Robert,

I flew all the way out from Washington D.C. to shoot with you and after the flight I admit I was a little stressed. By the time I left, I felt exhilerated and happy knowing that I’d made the right decision by coming out to see you.
I just received my new pictures in the mail and all I canĀ  say is OUTSTANDINGLY AMAZING!!!!! My old headshots do not even have the same privilege of being classified as headshots in comparision. These photographs are just wonderful and I want to thank you ad Colleen for all your work! You two are a wonderful team. And your retoucher’s work was just… WOW!!! I just can’t say enough and just want to say Thank You!
I can’t wait to start sending these out to agencies and CD’s. Thank you a million times!!!!
Robyn Daniels

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