Renee McCormick

Dear Robert,

I cannot begin to thank you for transforming my headshots. The difference between my old headshot (or what I now refer to as my “mug shot”) and your masterpiece is nothing less than astounding. After thoroughly researching your work, I made the pilgrimage all the way from North Carolina just to have you photograph me, and the truth be told, I would have come from as far as the North Pole if I had to!! The experience at your studio was equivalent to a day at a posh NYC spa, and the result: Simply exquisite.
When I walked into your studio, I found such a creative space, both beautiful and inviting. When I sank down into your leather sofa to view your “Before and After” books, I was immediately joined by the cutest pair of Pugs I have ever seen. The three of us sat and ate raw veggies together while I browsed through portfolios after portfolio of other actors headshots of every age and description, so many of whom were well-known celebrities. The fact that all of them made the crucial decision to have you take their headshots was a very good sign. I must admit, I was a little nervous and intimidated by the thought of having a professional photo shoot, after all I’m just your average, ordinary, everyday standup comedianne. Or at least that was the case before you took my headshot!
That all changed the moment I first saw myself in the mirror after getting up from your makeup chair… my jaw dropped uncontrollably to the ground. I felt more like a movie star than a mother of  two! I wasn’t nervous anymore, but ready to get “that gorgeous girl in the mirror” captured by your camera as quickly as humanly possible!
After the shoot, I hoped that we had gotten some good choices to make my final selections from. I thought that you would be sending my new proof sheets to my home in the Carolinas, but you surprised me totally by having them all ready in 30-minutes (I love instant gratification!). To my amazement, the proof sheets weren’t simply good… they were spectacular! Honestly, I’m still in complete shock at what you captured on film, and I proudly show everyone I know what you’ve managed to accomplish. I hope to see much more of that GORGEOUS VIXEN you somehow created in the very near future!
I’ve said if  before and I’ll say it again, I would have paid three times as much for what you did for my career.

Many, many, many thanks,

Renee McCormick

North Carolina

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