Peter Rowan

Dear Robert,
Back in early fall, I had been a little bummed because I was not getting many film auditions, even though there was plenty of work available and many of my colleagues were booking daily. I decided that after riding the wave for eight years with the same old black-and-white, it was high time to finally join the color bandwagon. After a ton of researching the so-called bargain photographers all the way up to the expensive ones, I concluded that most of the time you get what you pay for (I say, “most of the time,” because most of the ultra-high priced ones I saw were all pretty bad). But as a professional photojournalist myself, I must admit that I’m pretty hard to please. I narrowed my choices down to you and another top photographer in the area. I’m a hardcore character actor, so when your competitor flatly stated: “I DO NOT DO CHARACTERS!” he made my decision to go with you that much easier. I’m glad I did. A couple of things you said during our first interview pretty much “closed the deal” for me, even before I had finished seeing all the rest on my list. First, when you correctlyquessed who shot my first headshot within one second of my handing it to you– amazing. Second, when you suggested five, specific and distinct character looks for me, nailing each and every one to the enth degree,your accuracy was like nothing I’ve seen before. As a working actor yourself, you knew exactly what I needed to promote myself, offering even more usable advice than my agent! Lastly, you happened to have photographed my favorite all-time character actor, Richard Lynch, and really made him look incredible. Moreover, during our shoot,you knew how easily get me to emotionally access that place where you could get the perfect shot in the first place. But that was only half the story…
The way you took care of my needs after the session REALLY impressed me.  You personally sat down and helped me select every, single headshot from the many you had created for me,taking the time not only to pick the best ones, but explaining to me in detail WHY one worked better than another. Then, if that wasn’t enough, you personally signed-off on all of my test prints from Reproductions,  once again taking the time to make the subtle, critical judgements that would insure that they would all come out as perfectly as the originals…wow.
As soon as my reproductions were finished, I either mailed or personally hand-delivered them to casting directors I know.Within one week, my stalled career was ressurected by two who hadn’t used me in over thirteen years, and I have secured another one who previously wouldn’t  give me the time of day before seeing my new headshots.Coincidence? I don’t think so. The looks you did for me are so powerful and unique that I have no qualms about literally walking into a casting director’s office unannounced and dropping them on their desk, then looking them straight in the eye and asking them why on earth they wouldn’t want to use me!
That’s how confident I am in your work.
I booked a SAG film role within two days of submitting the first picture, another reason I can say in all sincerity– Thank you for giving me something I can truly sell myself with, Robert. I just wish I would have found you sooner.

-Peter J. Rowan

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