Peter Corey

I just wanted to let you know of the spectacular – almost magical – responses I’ve been having from the headshots you took.
As you know, I’m really just starting out on my acting career. Nevertheless, In the past two weeks, I’ve taken eight auditions, all based on responses from mailing your headshots!
The photographs have never failed to impress casting agents, directors, or producers (other actors, however, usually say nothing, since they’ve just spent a whole lot of money on photographs which demonstrably are inferior and aren’t working for them!).
Recently I had a lesson with Ms. Zina Provendie, former head acting coach at MGM Studios. She is the kind of person who likes to “guide” a young actor in his career, and she was rather upset when I told her that I had already gone ahead and had photographs taken. she asked to see them, already with a look of resigned disappointment, as though expecting the worst. When I showed her the three headshots, she was silent a moment, and said: “These are excellent! Really very, very good! As good as I’ve ever seen at MGM!

Thank you Robert…obviously, LA’s loss in New York’s gain.

Best of luck!!


Peter Corey


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