Paul Krasner

Dear Fellow Actors,

Your headshot is probably one of the MOST important decisions an actor has to make. While my first headshot was a promising  “headstart” and brought me a relatively consistent response, I knew that I needed to press on with someone who could not only give me more “drama” in my headshots, but would increase the “contrast” as well. The dictionary defines “contrast” as: “To reveal a striking difference.” But then the usual hard questions came up. First,”Wheredo I go now?” Then,”Who can I trust to really capture what I wanted so that my auditions would actually increase?”  I met with several other photographers, and they were really, really good. Then I was introduced to Robert Kim (Thanks again, Glenn Alterman!).
When I met Robert, he sold himself in such a huge and confident way, that I knew right away that he was the photographer that I needed to take my career to the next level. I am extremely grateful for that decision. The “good guy” headshot he created for me landed me as specific role in “Law & Order: Trial By Jury,” as the DNA expert. In rapid succession, his “bad guy” headshot got me an audition with Ochavo Studios for the independent feature film, “Inner Rage” (incidentally Robert, I booked it & hellip; I’m one of the leads!).
I’m sure that many of the actors reading this are familiar with Mr. Kim’s “Before & After” photographs, and may have seen some of them advertised in Backstage, and on his website. But I would be greatly remiss if I did not edify his uncanny ability to provide you with the “Ultimate contrast” in your next headshots (if you go to my website and view the remarkable contrast and range, I think you’ll agree). Everywhere I go, I get high praise for my photographs. Thanks again Robert, for giving me that revealing and striking difference.YOU ABSOLUTELY ROCK!!


Paul Krasner, Actor

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