Oriana La Russo

Dear Robert,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful work you do and your ability to go above and beyond what any regular headshot photographer would do. I was concerned that as a teenager I would look too young, and not be able to show the real me. That couldn’t be further from the truth, you made me feel special, cool and as though I had a real say in this process. I realized that each and every person that walks into your studio comes away with the same special feeling, as well as get quality headshots. As I am writing this to you my mom is looking over my shoulder because she finds the nedd to thank you as well. Since she is such a great mom, I will gladly turn this over to her. I didn’t want to interrupt Oriana, but I wanted to convey our gratitude and rue joy with you. You were entertaining, enlightening, and downright a blast to boot. In life i have learned to trust the process, however sometimes that’s difficult when it has to do with a stranger. The process wasn’t difficult because you weren’t a stranger, your ability to make everyone feel comfortable and in good hands is obviously just one of your many fights. Your great eye for detail, great charm for handling everyone (including teenagers) and your being on both sides of the business has given any artist, actor, or show business personality a real shop at being noticed by your work. Time and time again where ever we went and discussed headshot photography one name came to the lips of many, over an over again, that name was your very own. We didn’t know why then, but we certainly do now. You are the leader in your profession and perhaps the Dalai Lama in disguise.
I am convinced that your pictures, coupled with our child’s talent and determination are just the boost she needed for the next phase of her career.
You have been such a valuable tool in helping her to achieve this dream. A million thank yours, a hundred kudos and three very grateful clients!

Wanda, Gerry and Oriana La Russo

P.S. Thank you for listening to my demo

P.S.S. Much love to the Puglets!

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