Omar Bustamante

Hey Robert,

It’s been almost a year (hard to believe) since you took my best headshots ever.
Just to update you..I snagged a big trailer my first week out with him. A couple of months later I booked with producers of Nick Cannon’s improv comedy show, “Wild ‘n’ Out” on MTV. Feeling a little homesick, I was watching Monday Night Football when my  commercial — also from your headshot — came on. It ran three times a day. Not bad.

I have been now getting called regularly by CD’s who now give me a little more respect when I come in to read (if you see my old headshot and resume you’ll understand). People ALWAYS compliment my pictures. You had the vision and talent to know what it took to market me. Believe it or not, it’s “the villian look” and “the corporate look” that get me the juiciest auditions!!
Thanks for making my first year in Los Angeles such a productive one. Well, I still have two months left here, so — full steam ahead!

Omar Bustamante
P.S. We’re still on for that dinner I owe you for helping me get a new agent. Remember that wager you made me just before I left NYC? It’s the first time in my life I’ve even been happy about losing a bet! I’ll be home sometimes this winter. Again, thanks for everything Robert.

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