Noemi Feinstein-Castro

Hi good-lookin,

Here’s what I have to say about you!

When I decided to become serious about my acting career I knew that every investment I made had to count. My head-shot was one that every investment I made had to count. My head-shot was one of the most important investments. After all, my head-shot represents me; it’s the first introduction any potential client will encounter. My head-shot will determine whether or not I get in the door of the audition which can make my career. I did my research and found that many photographers achieve fine work. However, nothing jumped out at me. Then I came across Robert Kim’s work. I was struck by the artistry of his work. Gazing through his photographs was like walking through the halls of an art gallery. Each head-shot had its own unique personality and artistic expression.
I called the studio and made an appointment to meet with Robert Kim. Upon my arrival I was met by, what I refer to as, Robert’s welcoming committee, his two friendly little pug dogs. I was made to feel comfortable and Robert’s enthusiasm demonstrated his love for his craft. Robert took the time to get to know me and we discussed what photo style best represented to me casting directors and agents. Robert’s artistic flare is matched by his friendly and warm demeanor. His ‘before and after’ portfolios were astonishing. I was taken by the unpretentious confidence he has in his work. Robert is willing to have his clients compare his work and decide for themselves. When a professional stands by his work, as Robert does, this is talent worth exploring. That afternoon Robert Kim became my photographer.
Robert Kim understands the performing artist and is willing to carefully guide his client through the entire process. From the make-up artist he uses, to helping choose the perfect head-shot, even helping me get them retouched at his cost. Robert walks his client al the way through to the beautifully finished product. My only real dilemma was choosing from so many wonderful pictures, that was not so much a dilemma, as it was a pleasure. It is reassuring and invaluable to feel pride and confidence in the head-shots I send out. Anyone who is truly serious about their career owes it to themselves to hire the best photographer. A photographer who is as invested as you are. That is Robert Kim. On a personal note; Robert, you are not only my photographer, you are my friend.



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