Mayra Veronica

Dear Robert,

I just wanted to keep you apprised as to my progress after having my new headshots taken by you.
After arriving back in Miami form New York, my very first casting with your photos was for the leading role for a film produced by Golden Age Entertainment called, “G2”, starring, Steven Bauer. I landed the part. About a week later, there was another casting for an NBC pilot called, “14 Stories,” the first interactive Virtual Reality television show in history. I booked the lead again! My personal manager, Joseph Fischer, described your headshots as “phenomenal!”. I agree. But the work didn’t stop there. I landed the following Latin-versions of these publications, all as a direct result of having submitted your photographs:

1) Ocean Drive (cover)
2) Cosmopolitan (cover)
3) Miami Herald (cover)
4) El Graphico (South America’s largest magazine)
5) Marilyn (cover and featured interview)

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did for me. Even though preparation is the key, you need a solid headshot to get in the door, and being an actress, not a model, you managed to bring out the absolute best in me. I thank you again, and I hope that you continue to do actors sucha a great service.

Love Always,

Mayra Veronica

P.S. You can catch me on Wednesday nights, on Univision’s, “The Don Francisco Presenta” show.

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