Kevin Larsen

As a busy actor, I wanted the best tools at my disposal. So when it came time for new headshots, I knew exactly what I wanted– color, digital, and the best photographer available. Someone who could capture me, who and what I am, without pretense or barriers.
When I started my search for headshots, I was prepared to pay what I had to in order to get the right looks. For a quality photographer, I found prices to range from $600. to $1,600.; from natural light and no make-up, to “the works,” which included a catered lunch. While a free lunch was a nice touch, I was more interested in getting great photographs. I sought recommendations from agents and actors, reviewed dozens of online portfolios, and kept my eyes open at auditions for photos I thought were special. I kept seeing headshots that not only looked and felt like the actors submitting them, but did so with style and taste. Not surprisingly, they were all done by Robert Kim.
I wanted headshots done with studio lighting, artistic integrity and most of all, headshots that captured me with truth, honesty, depth and a strong sense of who I am both as a person and as an actor. I found that all in Robert. His many ideas and suggestions helped bring out the best in me during the entire session. My gut feeling that he was “the right person for the job” has been confirmed, tenfold. From the moment I first saw his work and after actually meeting him in-person, I realized that this was the guy to get the┬á job done. I was impressed with both his work and what he offered as his “take” on me and what he wanted to get from our session. His many ideas proved to be the right on target. I had a fantastic shoot with results that exceeded my expectations (to view them, just┬ácut & paste, to your browser. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fit all of them on one page!).
As any actor knows, to get even one truly great headshot from a session is a great day; two or three, even better. Robert delivered SIX perfect headshots to me from only one sitting! He came through for me, big-time. I got more than just a few good looks… I got a portfolio. From leading manto biker, legit to commercial, the sheer diversity and quality in every shot I’ve never seen anywhere much less experienced for myself. Robert has the experience and talent to reveal “the real you” with the flair of gifted artist and I recommend with which to advance their careers.
I know I’ve said it a dozen times in-person and over the phone, but once again…THANK YOU ROBERT FOR THE AWSOME HEADSHOTS!!!

-Kirk Larsen, actor

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