Judy Kaufman

Dear Robert-

I wonder if you realize how your are able to change someone’s life with a photograph.

My dear friend MaryAnn Bacallo, went to you for her corporate headshot and came back with a new image of herself and renewed confidence that I’ve never seen before, or since. I don’t think she ever felt pretty in her entire life until she met you. She told me that her day with the hairdresser to whom you sent her first and her subsequent session with you was in her words, “The best day of her life”. When she came to work the following Monday, she positively glowed! Her attitude toward herself and those around her as profoundly different -she was bright and full of light. What you managed to do for her will last a lifetime.

Best Regards,



265 West 14th Street, Suite 610

New York, NY 10011

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