Joe Urban

I am so glad I chose you to do my new headshots.

If you recall, it was only about a year ago when I was first in your studio having you take my pictures so that  I could start a new acting career. Up until now, I “made do” with the crappy headshots that I’d gotten as part of a “deal” with the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts. What a total waste of time. Not even one of my graduating class even printed them, and those that I did can only pity. They were that bad.I truly believe that the superior quality of my headshots is what opened all the doors for me and fot me my first three SAG waivers in what I’m told was record time (only one month).
After I received the digital files from you, I immediately uploaded a few  of them to two different casting sites and then started submitting them directly after. But I didn’t realize that the reaction to them woudl be so sudden and dramatic. Not only was it during the winter haitus, but they began getting me consistently quality SAG work in and around the NYC area, particularly after I began using the electronic submission proces. I’m “old school”– what an improvement over snail mail! It’s enlarged my market tenfold and made everything so much easier (when you have a minute,check-out how far I’ve come since I started using your pictures in 2009, to today. Just go to my IMDb link. I’m listed as: “Joe Urban 2”).
Only now do I realize that the better your headshots are, the easier it is to be noticed from amongst the 1,000’s of submisions that casting directors get daily. When I’m asked by my friends about what I think about THEIR headshots, I usually just put one of mine side by side with one of theirs and the difference is so great that they’re rendered speechless. I’ve given out literally 100’s of your business cards since then.
I’m definitely not a pretty leading man type of guy, but I look so vibrant and alive in your photos that I continue to get gigs in spite of my age and looks. One casting director told me, “I didn’t have anything for your particular type at the time, but I actually SAVED your “tough guy” headshots on the board until something came up… and I’m glad I did.”
Your work was worth every penny my friend, in fact, they’ve already paid for themselves many times over. On working sets I can’t even believe how these so-called “professional actors” try to get by with their amateurish, cheap headshots. Now I know that my money was well spent. I’ll never use anyone else.
I’ll be needing a few more character shots in the future (and perhaps a little of that lamb tangine at that Moroccan joint afterwards?), and I’ll be in touch. Hopefully you can give me a Frequent Flyer Discount!!

Be Well,

Joe Urban

Brooklyn, New York

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