Jaiden Caine

Hello old friend, I hope all is well and you and your family are well
and flourishing.  Well, it’s been a hell of a year, which incidentally
did not start acting-wise until July the 17th.  Now it’s been about a year
since we shot together but hardly anybody saw your shots due to me
not applying myself.  Well…

…first of all,  when I was searching for the next photographer to do my new
headshots, I selected you from approximately 300 other photographers.  Out
of all these, I noticed that something was somehow missing in everybody’s else’s
work I had seen, and I’d seen them all.  You manage to capture that “certain something”
in the eyes that I was searching for, and the results of that search…
well, they speak for themselves.  It’s been over a years since we shot together
and so much has happened in that time I can hardly remember it all.. but here

After I sent out my first mailing out and got on a quite a few interactive
sites, it was essentially, a wrap.   This is what I call “The Robert Kim Effect,” the power
of a single headshot to change your life forever.  Literally!  Everybody who’ve
seen these shots is totally blown away by them.  I can’t even take one out without
everybody viewing them asking the same question;  “Wow, these are GREAT!  Who
shot them?”  Robert Kim of course!!  Now every body’s experience is going to be different
and everyone looks for something different, but with the help of your photography wizardry
I’ve booked since July, 2010; two major television shows, three plays, and get this five, that’s right,
FIVE movie roles.  All of the films were principal roles, and that’s not all.  I’ve just been added to two
brand new web series projects.  1, the Ninja Breakdancer and the 2nd; Gray Matters, on which I play
a flamboyant architect.  It’s a wonderful show in which we’ve just finished Season One and we resume
shooting in March.  I just joined AFTRA and SAG’s right around the corner.

Thank you so much for your patience, support, photographic expertise, and the heart and soul
you put into every single frame you take.  I love you man!

Health, Wealth & Happiness Always…

Jaiden Caine

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