Luba Mason

I narrowed down my choice of photographers to two people and made an appointment to meet Robert first because I favored his work most from the many websites I’d seen.  I was looking for some chemistry or connection with the photographer and/or a feeling of being comfortable with them before making my final decision.

Right off the bat, Robert was very relaxed, amicable, and FUNNY.  He showed me his books of photos and I always look for someone he’d shot who I recognize to see if the photographer managed to capture that person.  I found at least four actors I know personally, and bullseye… Robert totally caught their essence in his headshots (Sandra Joseph from “Phantom of the Opera,” Rob Evan from “Jekyll  & Hyde,” etc.).  They were strong, stunning  photos, with wonderful use of light.  I knew at that moment I wasn’t going to have a consultation with any one else.  His experience after so many years in his craft also persuaded me that I was in the right place.  Usually photographers can get stale and old-fashioned, stuck in a style they’ve been using since Day One.  Robert’s photographs were still so fresh, no busy backgrounds or quirky angles.  The real deal, solid headshots.  I loved what he said about how to prepare for my shoot with proper wardrobe, and he provided a wonderful and tasteful makeup artist that was able to capture my look with true artistry– not too much, “just right.”

My actual session was a breeze.  Nothing like enjoying every minute of a photo session, including watching someone who obviously loves his work.  Because of his passion, your photos are going to show it.   And they did!  I had so many great photos to choose from!!  His photos speak from themselves.  He even sent my manager in LA several of our favorites so she could chime in with her suggestions.

A talented eye, years of experience, and he even sings karaoke pretty damn well!  Can’t beat that combination in a photographer.  Worth every penny.

Luba Mason

Actor/Performer/Broadway Star

“Jekyll & Hyde” (‘Lucy’), “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying” (with Matthew Broderick), “Law & Order (Guest Star)

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