Dominic Capone III

Dear Robert,

When you say. ” I deliver results, not promises,” I can personally attest to the truthfulness of your advertising.
After meeting you on the set of Mel Gibson’s film, “Payback,” I was so impressed with your work and your overall understanding of the business, I knew you had to be my next photographer. You didn’t disappoint. After seeing the results of out shoot at last month (that was so easy and stress-free I can hardly believe that results you achieved),  you are now my only photographer. Afte I recieved my 8*10s, I immediately had three hundred copies reproduced (one hundred of each look). The lab you recommened was excellent, their service superb, I had my copies ready in just three days. Within two weeks of submitting my new headshots, I had three agents. But this was just the begining. I sent several photos out to casting agents in Los Angeles, as well. Within one day of sending out the photo, ‘ Mali Finn.’ an important casting director at MGM, called me in to read for a role in Nicolas Cage’s next feature. Never in my career have I recieved a response that soon from a photo alone. Mali requested another photo for the executive producer, but I was completely out! Not to worry. With a phone call, your lab had 100 more duplicates ready the next day.

I have always sought a headshot that would make me “stand out above the crowd.” Until now, even ‘Rich’  the owner of Quantity Photo Lab (who did the duplicates) exclaimed, “I’ve seen a lot of photographs, but yours are among the best I’ve ever seen.”
Mr. Kim, your photographs don’t only change careers, they change lives. They changed mine.

All the Best,

Dominic Capone III

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