Debra Perrow

Dear Robert,

In the Virginia.D.C. area we had always heard that you were “the best” for headshots. We really looked forward to having you photograph my son, Greg. We never had any idea HOW pleased we would be.¬†
You mentioned that Carlyn Davis, a well-known Washington D.C. casting agent was a friend of yours. I think “fan” would be much more accurate. It just¬† so happened that Greg was going to audition for the Robert DiNiro movie, “Good Shephard” at her agency. When he got there, he accidentally haned her his headshot with the envelope with your studio name on it. She immediately said, “Robert Kim? I LOVE ROBERT KIM!!!” After that response, she took his picture out of the envelope, looked at it, looked back at Greg… then she said,”I could look at this all day. This is a FANTASTIC HEADSHOT! And the best part is, it looks just like you!” She then proceeded to pass the photo around to all of her assistants. It created quite a stir! One of them came up to Greg while he was still talking to Caryln and said,” You’re going to be Caryln Davis’ next big star!”
I must say that we were thrilled with the reaction to this headshot! WE CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH for helping start Greg’s career! You were certainly right when you said that,”these new shots will start the doors flying open for him…”, it’s already happening, and fast. He said he will personally thank you when he goes up to accept his first Academy Award!

God Bless,

Debra Perrow

Falls Church, Virginia

P.S.- Greg booked the part.

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