Lani M. Rasmussen

Dear Robert,

This is a little letter to express my appreciation, admiration and thanks.
I came to you in June with perhaps the most ghastly portfolio pictures of our time. When I sat down to review your Before-and-After albums, I was even more impressed with your photography, since I was first exposed to you through your website, which I chose out of perhaps thirty-five others. We set up an appointment, and did our first shoot a couple of weeks later. The shoot lasted for seven hours, and you never stopped working once. Talk about all in a day’s work! Your precision and insistence on the perfect lighting, the perfect angle, the perfect shirt – lead to five absolutely incredible rolls of film. When the proofsheets came in, I was touched and shocked to discover that you had take the time and carefully reviewed each shot, with notes and such indication “in your professional opinion: those that defined “the best”. You were dead-on right in every one.
I received a call from u a few days later inquiring on my satisfaction with the pictures. I came home the next day to hear an astonishing message on my answering machine. Worried that I didn’t have the perfect shot I needed for an event I had approaching, you offered to do another shoot for only the cost of  the film, and even took responsibility for the makeup artist. Needless to say, my shoot produced the best pictures I have ever taken. Interviewing for casting agencies and modeling agencies was suddenly a different story. Everyone could not believe the awesome untouched pictures in my portfolio. At the event I attended, I saw hundreds of headshots  – not one compared to mine.
Because of your enthusiasm and energy, I made it through eight hours of posing. Because of your character and kindness, I felt comfortable and relaxed. Because of your honesty and integrity, I had only the best shots developed. And because of your perfectionism, professionalism and immaculate photographic skills, I was selected out of 2,000 hopefuls to go to New York to pursue my dream.

Thank you for your patience and time. You taught me what real and beautiful photography is all about.

In gratitude,

Lani M. Rasmussen

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