Daniel Montelongo


Let me start this letter by saying that you have no idea how happy I am about the way my headshots came out, the feeling really can’t be put down on paper.
Everything about the entire process was so much fun. I have never been in a photo session where the atmosphere was so cool, chill, and relaxed where I could just be myself. Good example of how relaxed I was; my VERY FIRST SHOT was one of the best ones that came out from the entire session, and that happens very rarely. And by the way, the print of that picture looks amazing! Also, while we were going through the many numerous exposures and trying to pick the four or five (which was very difficult),  you kept saying these were going to get me jobs, and to be honest I knew they were great but I was a bit skeptical f they would give me a fast turnaround between the time the casting director received them and if I would ever get a call from them. BUT  a little more than a week after the session I got the shots printed and sent them out to Dawn Steinberg who is the Executive Vice-President at Sony Pictures Television, and in less than ONE DAY I was contacted by her personal assistant to set up a meeting with her! Within the entire week and a-half from photo session to print I’ve been asked to meet with the Executive VP of Sony Pictures!!! AMAZING!!!
Again, you have no idea how happy and glad I am that you took my headshots and were able to capture my look just the way the industry likes it!
With MUCH appreciation,
Daniel Montelongo
New York, New York

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