Charles Holt

Dear Robert:

After getting my start as a professional entertainer in December 1995, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s most talented photographers.

I remember the first audition I got from my first headshot with you for “The Lion King,” on Broadway. I knew that if I could only sing my best, that I’d stand a good chance of landing the job. I booked it! And after four years, I am still with the show. Even for my film and TV auditions, the response to my headshots has been the same, casting directors are always asking, “Who took your headshots?” I just booked “Law and Order: Criminal Intent,” and my first starring role in “Ann B. Real” which just won five prestigious film festival awards and was just nominated for Best Feature at the IFP Spirit Awards. Mari Lyn Henry and Lynne Rogers liked your photos so much that they featured me in their Third Edition of “How To Be A Working Actor.” That photograph still garners me rave reviews and I still use it!
This is my second headshot photo session with you (you are the only photographer i have shot with twice) and, without a doubt, it was the best. I will say that my working with you has been the most gratifying and successful of my career. I discovered that to have great-looking headshots, you must first work with  a great photographer. But that is not where the magic begins. The crafting of a great headshot begins when you are able to connect, the talent and the photographer creating an environment where both are comfortable, relaxed and focust at getting the best headshots possible, headshots that truly represent the actor. Not only are you a great photographer Robert, but a great person as well. Your confidence, wit, timing and an incredibly sensitive eye sets you apart. I always walk away from a photo session with you knowing that I am going to have too many amazing photographs to choose from.
Thank you for your brilliance and your contagious, giving spirit. I wish you the very best, and hole that 2004 brings you much happiness and success. It is always an honor to work with you.
All the best,

Charles Holt

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