This was my second headshot session with you, Robert.

You already know all of the  great things that happened to my career after your first ones.  But this time, something far more important happened…I met my future husband!

I was walking down 10th avenue two years ago and saw this incredible looking guy taking some hockey equipment out of he trunk of his car. We made eye contact but I had no idea what to say to him, so my best friend and I just kept walking. I turned around a couple of times but still felt too embarrassed to say anything. He walked down the street in the opposite direction of us and I figured my opportunity was lost. I was still complaining about it 10 minutes later when my friend suggested I leave my number on his car. I figured I would do something even better since I hadn’t been looking my best that day. I ran up to my apartment (which was right across the street), grabbed one of my beautiful Robert Kim headshot postcards, wrote a note on the back of it, and ran back down to put it under the hot mystery man’s windshield wiper. Later that night he called, we had our first date two days later, and we are now getting married this July! So thanks, Rob, without your talent I might still be single!

With Love,


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