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What do Angelina Jolie and Drew Carey have in common?
They both had their photos done by Robert Kim. Trust him to create a “Success Image” that will set you apart — and for far less than you’d imagine. You can afford the very best.

Whether you’re an actor still yet to be discovered, a discerning businessman who understands the value of a powerful image, seeking a cherished portrait for that “special someone,” or need a great headshot for your website or personals ad that will stand out from the masses, Robert Kim will design a very special photograph for you, “The look that gets you noticed.”

Make an appointment today to view his exclusive “Before & After” portfolios and experience for yourself what hundreds of successful people already know: “At Robert Kim Photography, you don’t have to be a celebrity--to look like one.”


I’m not a professional performer and i have never been comfortable posing for new photographs.  However, with Robert I felt like a seasoned pro…. confident, relaxed and capable of delivering for the camera.  I just received my photos from Robert Kim, and they are gorgeous!  It was an experience I throughly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone who is need of high-quality headshots.
-Julann Gebbie
Advertising Director, Backstage

Just wanted you to know that i’ve had great responses from our session – in fact, in any given seminar situation, the casting director invariably holds up one of your photos as an example of exactly the kind of shot/presentation they most like to see! Comments like, “Alive,” “Looks exactly like who he is,” and “Made me want to him,” are used most often.  Even got a “This is a great picture!” from two prominent agents and another soap casting director.  Big thanks- I’m gonna be sending everyone your way!
-Barry Phillips, Actor

Since I had my new headshots done by Robert Kim, my work has doubled and my auditions have doubled. I submitted my pictures to both L.A. and New York agencies and have gotten firm offers from on both coasts [two weeks later, Giovanna moved to Los Angeles].  Then a fantasy came true when your photo got me a reading from HBO’s “The Sopranos,” and booked it! My role ironically as “The Dream Girl” was a big hit and I have become something of a cult figure in the months following my appearance.  Thanks for creating the opportunity to audition through your artistry and advice, from makeup to helping me select the final print.  Your help and hard work have helped make ALL my acting dreams come true.
P.S.- Colleen your makeup artist is a miracle worker!  I used her to do something special for me the morning of my “Dune, The Movie” call-back.  Thanks again.
-Glovanna D’Agnello, Actor