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What do Angelina Jolie and Drew Carey have in common?
They both had their photos done by Robert Kim. Trust him to create a “Success Image” that will set you apart — and for far less than you’d imagine. You can afford the very best.

Whether you’re an actor still yet to be discovered, a discerning businessman who understands the value of a powerful image, seeking a cherished portrait for that “special someone,” or need a great headshot for your website or personals ad that will stand out from the masses, Robert Kim will design a very special photograph for you, “The look that gets you noticed.”

Make an appointment today to view his exclusive “Before & After” portfolios and experience for yourself what hundreds of successful people already know: “At Robert Kim Photography, you don’t have to be a celebrity--to look like one.”


Your headshot landed me my first two pilots for NBC and finally, my own series at ABC.   I’ve been shot by ever staff photographer at both studios, but yours is still my favorite.  I still use it!
-Drew Carey
“The Drew Carey Show”

We found Robert Kim after researching every major headshot photographer in NYC. After cross-referencing nine well-known acting books and directories (on both coasts) along with talking with actors, agents, and visiting over sixty-five websites, we found the vast differences in his work to be the most significant factor in selecting him to photograph our entire client list. But by far the most compelling proof of his ability was demonstrated in his “Before and After” portfolios. After we had viewed the staggering volume of his work and compared it directly with the many others we had interviewed, there was simply no comparison. His headshots stood head and shoulders above the rest.
-John Coogan, CEO & Irma Cannavo, Director, The Anne Russell Agency

I have never, in 28-years of agenting, had a client have so many pictures that were so good that it was impossible to make an informed choice. My client (in New York) was lucky to have found you, I congratulate you and thank you. I just think your photographs are incredible I would be delighted to recommend you.
-J. Michael Bloome, Agent

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