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What do Angelina Jolie and Drew Carey have in common?
They both had their photos done by Robert Kim. Trust him to create a “Success Image” that will set you apart — and for far less than you’d imagine. You can afford the very best.

Whether you’re an actor still yet to be discovered, a discerning businessman who understands the value of a powerful image, seeking a cherished portrait for that “special someone,” or need a great headshot for your website or personals ad that will stand out from the masses, Robert Kim will design a very special photograph for you, “The look that gets you noticed.”

Make an appointment today to view his exclusive “Before & After” portfolios and experience for yourself what hundreds of successful people already know: “At Robert Kim Photography, you don’t have to be a celebrity--to look like one.”


Dear Robert,

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed visiting you and having you take my new headshots for the website.  As much as I dislike taking new ones, your ease and understanding of what you do made the entire experience a pleasure.  Better still, the work was spectacular.  As you know, I am a photographer myself, and have shot many Hollywood directors and celebrities.  I know what good lighting means to a good photograph, and that’s why I chose you.

After you helped me to make the best selections this week, it’s clear to me that you are a very gifted artist, and I don’t often use that word.  Please know how much I respect your talent, and how grateful I am for the extraordinary contribution you have made to my work.  I appreciate your support and friendship.

With Warm Appreciation,

Dr. Richard Brown

Film Studies, New York University

I am so happy with the photos that Robert took of me.  Besides being beautiful and powerful images, they have instilled in me a new sense of confidence that I feel is really going to translate into my work as an actor.  I strongly encourage you to allow Robert to guide you through the process.  He has a clarity about what will “sell” that is uncanny and the response I have received in one day has already changed the course of my career.

-Cady McClain

“All My Children, “As The World Turns”

He’s the best.  Period.

-Thomas Saint, Agent

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