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What do Angelina Jolie and Drew Carey have in common?
They both had their photos done by Robert Kim. Trust him to create a “Success Image” that will set you apart — and for far less than you’d imagine. You can afford the very best.

Whether you’re an actor still yet to be discovered, a discerning businessman who understands the value of a powerful image, seeking a cherished portrait for that “special someone,” or need a great headshot for your website or personals ad that will stand out from the masses, Robert Kim will design a very special photograph for you, “The look that gets you noticed.”

Make an appointment today to view his exclusive “Before & After” portfolios and experience for yourself what hundreds of successful people already know: “At Robert Kim Photography, you don’t have to be a celebrity--to look like one.”


If you’re like me, you try your best in this life to do it once, and do it right. And that’s why, when i needed new headshots, i went to Robert Kim. And the results? When i returned for the finished product, he handed me simply the best headshots i ever had!
-Larry Silverberg
Actor, Author “Act New York”

I felt so incredibly comfortable shooting with Robert. When he first did my headshots. I was still working in clubs as a stand-up comedian. The next thing I knew, iI was asking him for his advice: “What network should I go with for a sitcom deal, Fox, ABC, NBC, Disney, HBO or Showtime?”
-George Lopez
Comedian, Actor

Robert has become one of the most popular photographers in New York.  When you view his portfolio, you will understand why.  His style is unique and progressive, his images stand out from the masses.
-Joseph Smith
General Manager, Modernage

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